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Palin's speech.

So I heard from Emmett for the second time this week.  Craziness.   He sent me an email with a link to a transcript of Palin's speech where she says she's in the Guardian party.  The subject was something like "Another person for you to be friends with" 

Sometimes I kinda wonder about Emmett.  I wonder if he's trying to be funny or sarcastic or what.   We used to be really close but ever since...

Well never mind. I was writing about the speech.   It has me wondering if the Republicans are going to run a candidate too or if they are officially defunct presidentially.  

It was pretty hopeful as speeches go I guess, but I can't help but worry a lot about it all.  I mean, it seems to me like things are still pretty dangerous, even with the Guardians helping.   I'm a little puzzled by the whole election thing too.   I would vote for Palin either way, but it is a democracy and there should be at least one other choice, right? For those subversive types (Just joking! )  I wonder who it will be.  

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