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Brier Delman
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January 2012
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Brier pulled away from the kiss, away from Emile's hands around her, and turned her face up, giddy with the thrill of what he had told her. “I love you” He had said. Her! He loved her. She'd never heard anything more absurd or more beautiful in her life. But as she searched his face she recalled what she had forgotten for that moment. The thing which had brought her out here and suddenly the light, sweet feeling that had filled her all up got wet and heavy inside her and sank.

Emile was not happy, not like she was. He was upset. And no wonder - the thing which she had been carrying for these long weeks was new to him.

She met his eyes and reached up to clear the hair from her face as she tried to decide what to talk about first – love or death.

"...I'm sorry." she said.  "To make you tell me that this way.  You have such a beautiful thing to say to me, and I muss it up with bad news."  She bit her lip.  "But.  I think...I think I might..." Love was such a strong word.  Love meant something so big and lofty.  Such a level of regard that it was not to be used lightly.  And yet, Brier did not think she was using it lightly.   

"I think I love you too."   


The Delman house sat on the side of the slope of a hill, an hours walk from the town of Sweetwater. It was a one room affair, composed of a mishmash of wood, plaster, mud and thatch and on a sunny day the white and tan, brown and green against the backdrop of the woods and hemmed in by the gardens and the field made the Delman place a charming little scene.

Today was not a sunny day. And Brier Delman did not have the luxury of looking at the place from outside. From where she sat, under the leaking roof and crammed, cheek to jowl, in with the other eight inhabitants of the room she failed to be charmed.

Two of these eight people, Cerise and the baby, did not belong. Since she had the baby Cerise was always hanging around here. Brier shared a bed with her, while the brothers all piled into the loft, but the loft leaked more than the rest of the house. Today the three youngest boys were around the table, in various attitudes of boredom. Only Emmett, the eldest of those present, was on his feet, helping his father attempt to repair the leak in the corner of the room.

Darys, the oldest of the three at the table, was shucking peas without enthusiasm. Brier turned from them to the mending in her hand and eked out a few more stitches from her sore fingers before the baby, beside her in his mother's arms, began to wail.

Brier felt that she could sympathize with the urge to scream.

If only the weather would clear so they could stretch their legs, wash the clothes, dry their feet, sweep out the mud and Ceci could take her loud baby and go home.

“Watch your stitches.” Cerise said, from beside her. “Or I will take it out and make you do it again”

Brier looked up from her sewing to her sister's face. Ceci had Brier's coloring for the most part, but there was more of a blush to her cheeks and lips. Her hair was thicker and waved slightly as it fell around her shoulders when it was down. She had always been pretty and the roundness her cheeks and figure had taken on through pregnancy suited her, but the tired look she had taken on since the birth did not.

“I'm not a child anymore.” Brier said.

“Then don't sew like one.”

Brier put down the trousers and got up to join Darys with the peas.

So I heard from Emmett for the second time this week.  Craziness.   He sent me an email with a link to a transcript of Palin's speech where she says she's in the Guardian party.  The subject was something like "Another person for you to be friends with" 

Sometimes I kinda wonder about Emmett.  I wonder if he's trying to be funny or sarcastic or what.   We used to be really close but ever since...

Well never mind. I was writing about the speech.   It has me wondering if the Republicans are going to run a candidate too or if they are officially defunct presidentially.  

It was pretty hopeful as speeches go I guess, but I can't help but worry a lot about it all.  I mean, it seems to me like things are still pretty dangerous, even with the Guardians helping.   I'm a little puzzled by the whole election thing too.   I would vote for Palin either way, but it is a democracy and there should be at least one other choice, right? For those subversive types (Just joking! )  I wonder who it will be.  

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

 I got a new one of these today so I could start keeping up with people.   Recently with the terrorist activity I get worried about people a lot.  I got a little excited about it when I'd gotten it up and I showed it to Emmett.  He seemed to think it was a bad idea.  

I wonder if Albin has one of these. 

Anyway, a shout out to all of you fine people on the internet.  What do people even write in these?   

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